Using a truck as a cinematic camera in "Father/Son"

In “Father/Son” Rockstar has a cinematic camera option that lets you see whats going on on the boat.

However, typical camera animations don’t work because the vehicle recordings that the truck and trailer are using slow down/speed up so that the player doesn’t fall behind too much, and camera animations cannot do that.

So instead what they did was they used the same type of animation, vehicle recordings and applied it to 2 phantoms that they then set invisible, invincible, and without collision and played it at the same rate as the truck/trailer so that they’d always stay in sync, then grabbed the position of it every frame and applied it to a scripted camera.

The end result is quite choppy as the rate the vehicle recordings update is not high, and obviously not meant to do this.

Showcase video:

And the original mission’s cinematic camera for context (timestamped) GTA 5 PS5 - Mission #5 - Father/Son [Gold Medal Guide - 4K 60fps] - YouTube