RAGE lights data (.#typ)

Lights in the current supported RAGE titles such as Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption II are created using a CLightAttrDef struct, which is a part of CExtensionDefLightEffect.
Its mission is to create artificial lighting in the map and interiors using saved values for certain parameters.

List of all parameters with their type and description is shown below:


Object placement, rotation and additional features.

Field Type Description
posn array Coordinates of the light in the local space.
colour array Light color in RGB values.
flashiness uchar Ability to flash the light using predefined presets.
flags uint Specific feature applied to this particular light.
boneTag short Assignment of light to the model bone.
lightType uchar Type of the rendered light (spot, point, capsule).
groupId uchar Unknown usage.
timeFlags uint Sets a time of rendering light.
falloff float Specifies a range of light, in meters.
falloffExponent float -
cullingPlane array Limiting a range of light stored in array4.
shadowBlur uchar Blurring shadow texture in 0-255 range.
padding1 uchar Unknown usage.
padding2 short Unknown usage.
padding3 uint Unknown usage.
volIntensity float Intensity of volumetric lighting.
volSizeScale float Scale of volumetric lighting.
volOuterColour array Volumetric light color in RGB values.
lightHash uchar Hash of the light entry.
volOuterIntensity float Intensity of volumetric fog effect.
coronaSize float Size of the 2D corona texture.
volOuterExponent float Unknown usage.
lightFadeDistance uchar Distance of rendered light, in meters.
shadowFadeDistance uchar Distance of shadow texture casted by light, in meters.
specularFadeDistance uchar Distance of specular effect, in meters.
volumetricFadeDistance uchar Distance of volumetric fog effect, in meters.
shadowNearClip float Near clip distance of shadow texture casted by light.
coronaIntensity float Intensity of 2D corona texture.
coronaZBias float Z bias of 2D corona texture.
direction array Direction of casted light using spot light type.
tangent array Calculated tangent of casted light using spot light type.
coneInnerAngle float Inner angle cone for light using spot light type.
coneOuterAngle float Outer angle cone for light using spot light type.
extents array Unknown usage.
projectedTextureKey uint Light texture stored in decimal hash for projecting texture.