Old "3D" Weapon Wheel

There is a unused mode for the HUD, showing a 3d “pop out” effect on the weapon wheel

This was added around the transition from old gen to new gen (ps4/xbox one/pc) and was presumably intended for it at one point, but ultimately never used.

The code suggests there were 2 iterations of this “3D Test”, set by b3DTest in HUD_WEAPON_WHEEL, with enable3D = true; to enable them

Currently theres no easy way to actually call the function for making this wheel work as intended, but the function is still present in the as2 code:

function UPDATE_DEBUG_3D_SETTINGS(params)
      this.enable3D = true;
      this.CONTENT._perspfov = params[0];
      this.CONTENT._x = params[1];
      this.CONTENT._y = params[2];
      this.CONTENT._z = params[3];
      this.CONTENT.wheelMC._xrotation = params[4];
      this.CONTENT.wheelMC._yrotation = params[5];
      this.maxRotation = params[6];
      this.tweenDuration = params[7];
      this.CONTENT.wheelMC.bgBGMC._z = params[8];
      this.CONTENT.wheelMC.bgBGMC._visible = params[9] != undefined ? params[9] : true;
      this.bFiniteRotation = params[10];
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