Early, unused, First Heists Pacific Standard "meeting" animation

A animation dictionary remains to this day, entirely unused, for what is a scene that takes place in the apartment of the Pacific Standard bank manager’s apartment. The context of which is a cut mpheist mission in which you need to find his apartment by getting him to take you to his place (by flirting (as a mute character?)) at bahama mama’s, and then “distracting” so other players can clone an access card


There is also a lot of voicelines, over 8 minutes worth for this mission in obhsm.awc (ornate bank heist setup manager?)

Of note is that the scene does contain a animation clip for a camera, but it is misaligned and relatively static.

Technical Information

Uses the anim@heists@ornate_bank@managers_room.#cd clip dictionary
Has no references in any decompiled scripts,
Resides inside the mpheist dlcpack, but likely originates from a long earlier version.