Draft: GTA V (dev_ng, PC) build 2612.1

Build 2612.1 was released for PC on Tuesday, April 26th, 2022. This was an out-of-band update (similar to 2215 and 2245), not tied to a particular DLC or other content update, however it did add a new DLC and patchday pack.

Official changelog

Not posted yet at the time of this writing. [correct this?]

Technical changelog

Note that this changelog is inherently incomplete.

  • Native commands were not reseeded, this uses the same native command list from 2545.
  • Backported from Gen9: .#sc version was increased by one to [version here]. This adds a new ‘bit test’ opcode, replacing the old IS_BIT_SET native command, which is removed.
  • update.rpf was split into update.rpf and update2.rpf. The second pack file includes data that is tightly coupled with code, such as script*.rpf, and common:/data/shaders/, likely split to simplify delta updates.
  • Added a new DLC content pack ([name] and [patchday name]) containing mostly stub content (including, curiously, a file named stub in dlc_...:/common/data/) for the content released with the Gen9 game builds.
  • Additional mitigation for an ‘invite spam’ presence exploit.
  • Increased the maximum amount of streaming dependencies by 20, matching a similar increase in DLC shop metadata allowed per ped model.