Beta/Unused Vehicle Recordings

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Some unused vehicle recordings played back in game, these reveal old road layouts, old mountains, old mission ideas, etc. Some of these are extremely long and are quite obviously just some dev driving around.

Click the “Observations” drop downs to view some more information and timestamps.


One of the largest in the game. Runs for over 7 minutes.

vehicle chosen is an educated guess based on distance off ground


Steering looks keyboard-like

Beginning, plenty of differences in road layouts and some at PDM
(times are yvr time as seen at bottom)
2:45 Changed terrain
3:15 Possibly changed road? or just driving on the sidewalk intentionally
6:05 adjusted road
6:10 changed/missing building
6:38 tree

Conclusion: fairly early in development, fair few differences in roads, terrain, some buildings and definitely prior to a lot of small decoration propping.



road layout mostly finalized
looks like controller input
Desert, lots of terrain changes

0:15 all the way to 1:01
1:15 propping differences, shortly after some minor terrain differences on the beach
4:51… rock
6:02 & 6:12 no sign
6:44 → 7:04 some differences in the highway


there is one with a v instead of an f at the end that is just driving back and forth

Very little of note, perhaps used as a unit test of some sort for streaming.
Might be controlled by keyboard
No noticeable changes whatsoever

At 3:50 they hit the pylons, then go back to finish em off though lol


vehicle likely very wrong, bikes didn’t make physical sense.

not much here, definitely beta though.

3:17 → 3:45 prop and terrain variation
4:26 maybe road was different?


something flying, the name convinced me they wanted to have a actual flying spaceship in the game for… something

goes over mirror park area in circles.

no observations besides the name.

just flies over mirror park, hits a pole, then goes under some bridges near the end.

played at 4x speed because its not that interesting.


Uncertain use, educated guess vehicle, fair few blatantly different buildings.


0:05 immediately different/unfinished building
0:38 old lifeinvader?
1:17 bumped into something that doesn’t exist
1:55 altered roads
2:08 minor collision differences
3:05 building was altered.

Purpose very much uncertain. quite early in development.