A cacophy of cutscene T-Poses and other off camera cutscene fun

This will document a load of random moments where characters in cutscenes T-Pose, or otherwise do things uncharacteristic off camera.

Final lowrider DLC cutscene celebration

The multiplayer characters can be seen clapping, presumably celebrating the end of a shoot for the lowrider DLC and one can be seen stepping off some sort of stage and going into a t pose.

Lamar is less enthusiastic and goes to t pose

One from the end of a The Contract cutscene:

i like to imagine the people that are being animation tracked or whatever the word is that they actually t-pose, which looks like what is happening due to the not so straight arms

They do in fact T Pose as that is a consistent pose that shows all the markers on their body so that they can properly setup the capture. They do it at the end as a reference point to help clean it up if neccasary iirc

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